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A Gift From Nature

Throughout history, people have used plants for their aromatic properties.

When you walk past a rose bush, stop for a minute and inhale the cool sweet fragrance, pause and feel that sense of total well-being; you have just experienced Aromatherapy. When you chop herbs in the kitchen and the pungent scents tingle in your nose and make your mouth water, there it is again. When you pass an Indian restaurant, notice how the warm spices arouse your senses. Plants contain these fragrances found in their roots, leaves, fruits, flowers, and wood. We used these fragrances in cooking, medicines, perfumes, cosmetics for thousands of years.

Essential oils

These special fragrances are called “essential oils.” They are extracted from their plant sources and used in aromatherapy, where they are directly applied to the body in order to improve relaxation and general well-being. Many of the oils can have a beneficial effect on particular symptoms in the body, helping to alleviate them. Aromathery also helps defuse mental and emotional stress, through the enjoyment of these beautiful and natural scents.

True Aromatherapy

In the past 30 years, the use of these plant extracts for health and relaxation purposes has greatly increased. Essential oils are found in widely available products, like toothpastes, shower gels, face creams, and body lotions. In every city, there are also many practitioners of aromatherapy massage who offer treatments. However, as aromatherapy becomes more popular it is becoming more and more important for people to understand what true aromatherapy is all about, what essential oils are, and how they affect us. There are many products and treatments out there which are not all they would seem to be.This site aims to guide you through all aspects of aromatherapy, giving you a real insight into essential oils so that you will be well-placed to use them on yourself, your family and your friends, and experience true aromatherpy.

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