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essential oils for hair and skin


Essential Oils for the Skin and Hair

Using aromatherapy to help skin problems is one of the best ways to observe what the oils are actually doing. As patches of redness fade, blemishes heal, inflammation is reduced, the skin responds to the toning properties of essential oils, the result is a much clearer, more even complexion, which is soft fo the touch. To understand how aromatherapy can help skin problems, it helps to know about the structure of the skin.

Essential Oils for the Skin and Hair

Skin care

Essential Oils for the Skin and Hair

Essential oils can rejuvenate and rebuild the upper skin layer by removing old cells and stimulating new growth. They can also improve local circulation and muscle tone, encourage the removal of waste products, reduce intlammation, clear infection, and minimize scarring.

Carrier oils

Carrier Oils

Essential oils need to be blended in the correct type of carrier product, depending on the problem. Vegetable oils, lotions, or creams may be appropriate. Vegetable oils are good all-tound conditioners. Base lotion is a cooling carrier product because ot its higher water content and so is good tor areas of redness or inflammation. Base cream is a skin lubricating carrier and is excellent for targeting damaged skin. Essential oils can be absorbed much more easily through damaged skin so it is important that you follow the blends and methods suggested.

Hair care

Essential Oils for the Skin and Hair

Your hair is alive only at the root, and dead once it is outside the skin layer. It is made up of a protein called keratin, and is normally lubricated by special glands in the skin that secrete natural oils along the shaft. Use of bleaches, harsh shampoos, and hair processing products can dry out the scalp as well as strip the hair of its natural oils. Aromatherapy scalp massages help to feed the roots of the hair, which in turn encourages healthy hair growth. Blends of essential oils can also smooth the texture of the hair, as well as giving it a wonderful fragrance.

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