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passive method of use


Passive Methods of Use

Passive methods of use are ways of spreading the fragrance of essential oils into a room so that the aromas can be enjoyed immediately.; the essential oils are inhaled but do not come into direct contact with the body. Vaporizers in particular are useful in the bedroom.


Passive Methods of Use

There are ceramic units that are either electrical or require a small candle. Sprinkle 4 to 6 drops of essential oil into the unit, as it heats up, the oil fragrance the room.



A diffuser is like a small humidifier, because it turns water into water vapor and emits it into the air. But unlike humidifiers, diffusers are meant to be used with water and essential oils.

The diffuser “diffuses” the essential oils into the the water vapor, and the vapor carries the tiny oil particles into the air. All you have to do is breathe normally, and you’ll inhale the oil particles and experience their benefits!

Mist sprays

mist sprays

Mist sprays help to humidify a room as well as freshen the air. Add 15 drops in total of two essential oils to 7 fluid ounces of water. Shake and spray the liquid into the air.



Alternatively, candles containing essential oils in the wax can also be used. The oils evaporate as the candle burns, although their effect is more pleasing than therapeutic.

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