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Rose essential oil


Rose Essential Oil

Rosa damascena

Rose Essential Oil

“By any other name would smell as sweet” wrote Shakespeare, the sweet, heady fragrance of rose is famous as the symbol of true love. Candied rose petals, rose jam, and rosewater have been eaten and drunk since Roman times — what bliss to eat this divine aroma as well as be performed with it. Rose essential oil is the queen of essential oils, a deeply feminine aroma.

ROSE Essential Oil Datafile

Botanical Name

Rosa damascena

Plant Type

Shrub, up to 5 feet in height, with tiny, simple pink flowers

Oil From

Handpicked petals. An absolute is also produced by the solvent method.


The oil is soft, honey-sweet, very floral and slightly citrusy. The absolute is richer, more musky and spicy

Geographical Origin

The best oil is from the Kazanlik area in Bulgaria. The absolute often comes from Morocco.

Safety Notes

Nontoxic, nonirritant


Antispasmodic, menstrual regulator, liver tonic, skin rejuvenator

Key Use

Genitourinary: irregular periods, premenstrual syndrome with mood swings, menopause, postpartum depression

Other Uses

Sluggish digestion, dry, oily, or mature skin, eczema, cold sores.


Good for deep-rooted feelings such as grief, anger, or helplessness. Wonderful for insomnia, anxiety, and mental tension.

Blends With

Frankincense, Jasmine, Lemongrass, Vetiver, Patchouli, Mandarin

The Islamic philosopher Avicenna distilled Rose in the 11 century

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