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Skin and Hair Care

Below is some skin and hair care conditions and treatment.

Skin Care Conditions and Treatments

The numbers next to the oils refer to the number of drops to be used. Halve the number of drops used for children between three and ten years old.




Cold Sores (herpes simples, blisters, and scabs)

2 Tea Tree

Place essential oil drops on a cotton swab and apply neat, twice daily

Cuts and bruises

5 Lavander

5 Tea Tree

These essential oils in 4 Teaspoons (20 ml) base lotion for instant first aid. Apply twice daily, cover with a bandage

Eczema / dermatitis: patches of cracked skin in creases or folds, between the fingers, for example

2 Rose

8 Roman Chamomile

These essential oils in 4 teaspoons (20 ml) of base lotion. Apply twice daily

Psoriasis: large areas of tender skin with tiny white flakes peeling off; the epidermis is thin

3 Neroli

7 Frankincense

These essential oils in 4 teaspoons (20 g) of base cream. Apply to the affected area twice daily


4 Roman Chamomile

6 Lavander

These essential oils in 4 teaspoons (20 ml) of base lotion. Apply as necessary

Rashes: urticaria (nettle rash), heat bumps. If rash persists, seek medical help

2 Palmarosa

3 Roman Chamomile

Apply a cold compress to the affected area for 20 minutes

Congested / dull skin: due to poor diet or effects of central heating

4 Frankincense

6 Lemon

These essential oils in 4 teaspoons (20 ml) of jojoba oil. Massage half a teaspoonful into the affected area daily.

Hair Care Treatment

An aromatherapy hair care treatment can help to take care of the scalp and hair.

  1. Take 4 teaspoons (20 milliliters) of sweet almond oil, and add the appropriate blend of essential oils as listed below.
  2. Massage the blend into dry hair.
  3. Cover the head with a towel for 20 minutes.
  4. Then apply shampoo straight into the hair and rinse as normal.
  5. Do this once a week for a month.

Suggested Hair Care Treatment Blends for Specific Hair Types

The numbers next fo the oils refer to the number of drops to be used.

Dry hair: 3 Rose, 7 Sandalwood

Oily hair: 4 juniper, 6 Petitgrain

Dull hair: 4 Patchouli, 6 Palmarosa

Normal hair: 4 Frankincense, 6 Orange

Dandruff: 4 Tea Tree, 6 Geranium

Hair loss: 5 Rosemary, 5 Ginger

Key Essential Oil

hair care treatment
Patchouli is an excellent all-around skin and hair tonic, and can also help aid digestion.
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